I Debria Diamond-Queen the daughter to Prophetess Yolanda Diamond I love my mother so much that words can not describe. My mother is such a strong smart woman, whom I look up to. My mother has instilled in me morals, values, and standards so that I can be a good mother to my kids. She also taught me how to be an independent woman. I am so proud of my mother, because she has turned her life around completely. What I mean by turning her life around is my mother gave her life to God. My mother has a powerful anointing over her life, A Prophetess, this calling from God is so great my mother ran from God, because she was not ready to give up the lifestyle she was living. Once my mother accepted her calling from God, my mother lost her job, we lost everything We lost our fancy house, and we had to move in with my grandmother. We lost our expensive cars and we didn't have a car for a while.

My Mother told me that God was breaking her character, rebuilding her character, to prepare her character to go forth in the name of Jesus, because he had greater and better things in store for her, and that God wanted my mother to totally depend on him and no one else. My Mother went through the firer, the storm, been broken into pieces, persecuted for his name sake, but she can stand to testify, she stronger, wiser and better. There were times when my mother did not know how she was going to pay her bills or feed me and my brother, but God always made a way out of no way every time. That is why I am so proud of my mother. She remained strong and kept the faith throughout the hard times. She often wanted to throw in the towel, but she never gave up. Through my mother entire suffering finally paid off. My Mother is a strong woman of God.

God has blessed my mother with her own ministry called The Yolanda Diamond Ministries, and many other businesses. My Mother has set good examples for me that anything in life is possible with God in your life.

–Debria Diamond-Queen

Alina Almendarez, 14yrs old, Never believed their was a God, couldn't quiet understand why her mother Jannette Vargas would praise worship and shout to the lord. Till one day , Alina became very ill with a high fever Prophetess Yolanda Diamond came to visit the family she prayed, placed her hand on her head spoke healing less than 12 minutes the fever was gone for Alina to be healed. To the mothers amazement walking back to check her daughter was sitting up! Alina’s fever was totally gone and as her eyes welled up with tears turned to her mother and said "I believe the father God is really what an amazing testimony of Gods power to show his grace to a teenager who once didn't believe .thanks be to our father in heaven ! Thanks to Prophetes Yolanda Diamond for her obedience and faith to heal my daughter!

–Jannette Vargas

I'm the proud mother of Prophetess Yolanda Diamond. From Birth she has always had an unusual gift from God. At the age of 5 she begin to forsee and foretell, Everyone called her peculiar, but I knew The Hand Of The Lord was upon her life. She begin to dream dreams and have visions from God. The spirit of The Lord appeared to Her in a vision saying you are my messenger and her position in the ministry would be the office of a prophet. Every friday night my daughter would hold healing, deliverance, miracle services. She begin to prophecied in the name of Jesus. She said God said there were two people that suffered with arthritis really bad, I was one of them, the anointing of the Lord fell so heavy on my daughter that it over flowed on me, she said that God said in the midnight hour I would feel the healing power of God and when I woke up the next morning I would never suffer with arthiritis again. I stand to testify that I have not suffered with arthritis since that night.Praise God for his Healing Power.

–Johnnie M. Diamond
My name is Benny Queen and I attended one of Prophetess Diamond services and I was really blessed. Me and My wife was having some financial challenges and things was not looking so good. Prophetess Diamond said The Spirit of the lord spoke to her about Psalms 37:4 Delight thyself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Prophetess Diamond said God say sow a seed of $37.04 and in 7 days a financial break through, on that 7th day I call my bank account and we had an additional 100.00 dollars in our account. Praise God

–Benny Queen

I met Prophetess Diamond the year 2002 a powerful anointed woman of God, A woman that trust God, loves God and lives the word of God. I became a part of her ministries, The Yolanda Diamond Ministries here in Houston Texas. Prophetess Diamond spoke many things in my life from God that nobody knew but me and God, that's how I knew she was a true Prophet of God. I was living in Houston, Tx but working in Dallas Texas. In the beginning It was so hard to get in touch with Prophetess Diamond, For three weeks Everytime I would call her she would always tell me that God had not spoke to her spirit about me yet, so I felt like God didn't have a word for me, in that 4th week there was a powerful word from God for me and my entire family. She told me that the people I was working with had put me in their will and would leave me 25,000 thousand dollars, that came to past, She said God said in 72 hours I would get another job, that came to past, My grandson would be a prophet unto the nation and he would begin to prophesized at 7 years old, that came to past, he's being prophesized since 7 years old and he's now 10 years old. There was some discrepany with my grandson bus driver and the teachers at his school, so they put him off the bus, but it was not his fault, Prophetess Diamond begin to pray and she said God said in 3 days he would be back on the school bus, the principal called on that third day and said he would be riding the bus home. I could go on and on with praise reports. Praise God

–Charlean Whitfield

About two years ago I passed out and was rushed to the hospital. I was told by a physician that I tested positive for Lupus. I called prophetess Diamond and she prayed for me and prophesied on my life. She told me the next time they test me the result will be negative. Please bear with me as I share the goodness of God's grace and mercy on my life. I was referred to a rheumatology and was tested again for lupus, that test was positive. I began to question the word of God. I called prophetess again and she told me and I quote, ( Alice I don't care about what the doctor said, what does doctor Jesus say.) I prayed and prayed and decided to get a second opinion and I was referred to another specialist, after going through another round of testing God showed up and showed out the tests showed no signs of Lupus. God's word will not return void. By his stripes we are healed. I'm a living healing witness of the power of God. Praise God.

Alice Grant
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